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One vaccination dose (0.2 ml) contains: Active components : The specific antigens of andriol bodybuilding simplex virus (HSV) I and II types (strain “CM” and a strain of “VN”, respectively) obtained by reproduction in a continuous cell culture African green monkey kidney (VERO B), formaldehyde-inactivated and lyophilized with the addition of sucrose as a stabilizer zhelatoznoy medium. Excipients : formaldehyde not more than 200 mcg / ml; Gentamicin sulfate 40 mg / ml sucrose not more than 0.075 g / ml; zhelatoza not more than 0.01 g / ml.

Description : An amorphous mass from light yellow to pink. Hygroscopic.

Immunological properties

The vaccine stimulates the cellular mechanisms of the human body’s resistance to the andriol bodybuilding simplex virus type I and II.

Prevention of recurrences of andriol bodybuilding virus infections caused by andriol bodybuilding simplex type I and II.

Dosage and Administration
Vaccination is carried out in medical and health institutions as intended and under the supervision of a physician. The vaccine is used in remission, not earlier than 10 days after the complete disappearance of clinical manifestations of HSV infection, oftalmogerpese not earlier than 1 month.
The contents of the vial is dissolved in 0.3 ml of diluent (sterile water for injection). For the solvent using a syringe with a needle to introduce the vaccine vial, which was then shaken to dissolve contents. The dissolved drug should be opalescent liquid pink or pink with a yellow tint. The visible mechanical impurities should be absent. Storage of the reconstituted vaccine can not be.
Not suitable for use medication vials with impaired integrity, marking a change of color, with an expired shelf life, if not properly stored.
Opening the bottle, the dissolution of the drug and the procedure of vaccination is carried out in strict compliance with aseptic technique.
The drug is injected intradermally to the inner surface of the forearm in a single dose of 0.2 ml.
The primary vaccination series consists of 5 injections are conducted with an interval of 7 days. Recycle spend 7-10 days in the same way.
After 6 months, a second course of vaccination, consisting of two cycles of 5 injections.
Patients with severe andriol bodybuilding infections (recurrent monthly or 1 every 2-3 months), the drug is administered interval of at least 10 days.

Side effects
after administration of the vaccine in individuals can develop local and general reactions. Local reaction : manifested hyperemia of the skin with a diameter of 2 cm during the first day and a weak short-term burning sensation at the injection site. The overall reaction can be expressed in a slight increase in temperature (no higher than 37, 5 ° C), weakness, passing without treatment. If you experience more severe local and general reactions or development of acute recurrence of andriol bodybuilding infection, administration of the drug should be suspended. Vaccination can be extended through 14 days after the complete disappearance of clinical manifestations of HSV infection and overall response to the vaccine.

Interaction with other drugs
incompatibilities with other drugs have been identified.


  1. andriol bodybuilding infection in the active stage (relapse). Vaccination is carried out not earlier than 14 days after the disappearance of clinical manifestations; when oftalmogerpese – not earlier than 1 month
  2. Acute infectious and non-communicable diseases. (Vaccination is carried out not earlier than 30 days after recovery)
  3. Chronic diseases in the acute stage or decompensation
  4. malignancies
  5. Pregnancy
  6. An allergy to gentamicin and other antibiotics aminoglycoside

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