andriol testocaps bodybuilding

Andriol testocaps bodybuilding white opaque homogeneous emulsion for intravenous administration, which is the source of energy and essential fatty acids. Vitalipid contains refined soybean oil emulsified with purified egg phospholipids and fat-soluble vitamins A, E, R1, D2.


Indications for use:

andriol testocaps bodybuilding used for parenteral nutrition as an additive that provides daily requirement of fat-soluble vitamins A, D2, E and K1 in adults and children older than 11 years.



andriol testocaps bodybuilding should be used with caution in diseases that occur with disorders of lipid metabolism, such as renal failure, decompensated diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, impaired liver function, hypothyroidism (if marked hypertriglyceridemia) and sepsis. In such patients, when used must be carefully controlled Vitalipid triglycerides syvortke.

Special warnings and precautions for use:

andriol testocaps bodybuilding can only be used diluted.


Dosage and administration:

Before use, dilute. Adult patients and children over 11 years are designated: for 1 hour before the infusion aseptically one ampoule (10 ml) was added andriol testocaps bodybuilding Intralipida to 500 ml of 10% and 20%.The resulting solution was stirred an easy swinging, then used for parenteral infusions in accordance with the instructions for use Intralipida. The resulting solution should be used within 24 hours.

Vitalipid H can be used for breeding adult Soluvita H (covers the daily requirement of water-soluble vitamins). 10 ml sterile H adult Vitalipid added to the vial Soluvitom H, then the resulting solution was transferred to a sterile bottle with Intralipid.

Side effects:

Against the background of infusion andriol testocaps bodybuilding may experience all the side effects that are typical of Intralipida. nandrolone decanoato