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Improves the condition of buy andriol the tear film and ocular surface protection, helping eliminate the discomfort of feeling “dryness”, foreign body sensation, burning sensation in the eyes, including those arising under the influence:


  • Climatic factors such as, air conditioning in the car, on the plane; wind, cold, intense solar radiation, environmentally unhealthy air or cigarette smoke
  • Intensive visual load, for example, during prolonged work with a computer, a camera, with excessive pastime in front of the TV, the need for road management in the night-time, long-term contact lens wear


VITA-POS – a sterile oily vehicle designed for laying into the conjunctival sac containing vitamin A (. 250 IU of retinol palmitate per 1 g of funds)
Vitamin A is contained in the VITA-POS is a natural part of the tear film and provides a means of gentle oily consistency, which provides a perfect redistribution (mixing) VITA-POS with natural tear and good tolerability.
VITA-POS – especially soft and gentle oily agent is evenly distributed and long-term restraining the front surface of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva), helps to improve state of the tear film and thus protects the cornea from drying.
the use of VITA-POS contributes to the buy andriol rapid disappearance of subjective symptoms of burning, “dryness”, discomfort in the eyes.


Hypersensitivity to one of the components that make up the means of VITA-POS

A warning

Since immediately after the application of VITA-POS funds may be a short break in visual acuity, leading to a slowdown in mental and physical reactions, it is not recommended to apply it directly to the work of the mechanisms and driving vehicles. In this connection, it is recommended the use of Vita-PIC to sleep at night.
Do not use VITA-POS while wearing contact lenses!

Dosage, frequency and duration of use

It is recommended to lay the strip means 1 cm into the conjunctival sac of 1 to 3 times a day. Frequency of use is determined individually depending on your feelings, lifestyle, and as recommended by the ophthalmologist. Especially effective is the use of VITA-POS before night’s sleep. Duration of treatment is not limited.

Dosing and recommendations when wearing contact lenses

Applying VITA-POS, please avoid contact of the buy andriol tip of the tube with eyes or skin. Unscrew the cap, tilt your head back slightly, slightly pull the lower eyelid down and gently push the tube, squeezing the strip means 1 cm into the conjunctival sac, not by breaking or turning the tube. Slowly close the eyelids. After the procedure, carefully close the cap. Vita-pic should not be used while wearing contact lenses! It is recommended to use VITA-PIC at night, after removing the lens.

Interaction with other agents

Vita-pic should not be used simultaneously with other ophthalmic agents. In cases where you can not avoid sharing application, it is recommended the use of Vita-PIC 30 minutes after the use of other means.

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